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Patents (Useful models)

Trade marks

Industrial design

Copyright and Software

Legal services

General topics

  • advising of methods patenting of invention (useful model)
  • national applications, including description and formula of invention (useful model)
  • PCT and international applications
  • litigation
  • renewals
  • author’s agreements, licenses, assignment of rights of invention (useful model)
  • patenting in Ukraine, Russian Federation, CIS countries
  • national applications, international applications; renewals
  • well-known trade marks
  • optimization of expertise terms of TM applications
  • licenses, assignment of rights of trade mark
  • litigation
  • applications in Ukraine, Russian Federation, CIS countries
  • advising of design’s protection
  • national applications, international applications
  • renewals
  • litigation
  • licenses, assignment of rights of designs
  • patenting in Ukraine, Russian Federation, CIS countries
  • registration and protection of author’s rights
  • Internet Law
  • author’s agreements, licenses
  • assignment of rights
  • protection of rights of computer programs
  • cases in relation of authorship, author fee, use of objects of author rights
  • law services in the field of internet-right: suppression of violation and stopping of the illegal use of the domain name, company name, software and Internet
  • cases of infringement of intellectual property and copyright
  • Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine in cases of unfair competition
  • Ministry of home affairs in cases of crimes of counterfeit and copyright
  • cases in relation to the competence of Patents and Trade marks Certificates
  • cases of determining of uses of inventions (useful models)
  • cases of confession of Patents and TM’s Certificate not actual
  • complaint and objection in Appele advice of the State department of intellectual property of Ukraine
  • complaints and objections about a refuse in the grant Patents (useful models), Designs, Trade marks
  • recognizind of authorship and of author’s fee
  • cases in relation to violation of author’s rights
  • cases of fixing or confession of authorship
  • stopping of imitations and smuggling of goods protected as intellectual property
  • including of objects of intellectual property in a State custom register of Ukraine
  • prosecute of the violations and termination of illegal use of domaine name, company name, duplicating, objects of Internet and Software
  • ​patent application ukraine
  • application useful model Ukraine
  • design application ukraine
  • industrial design Ukraine
  • trademark application Ukraine
  • trade mark Ukraine
  • piracy
  • ip protection
  • best price ip protection
  • pct national phase ukraine
  • international patent
  • piracy protect in ukraine
  • copyright ukraine
  • patent renewal
  • trademark renewal
  • copyright infringement
  • fake and counterfeit goods
  • patent troll
  • patent troll protection
  • best price patent application
  • best price trade mark application
  • best price utility model application
  • best price pct entering national phase ukraine
  • don’t buy fakes

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